Confectionery products. Each product has its unique characteristics with an emphasis on combining quality ingredients with novelty and fun for children – and adults too! /GB-DE-IT-RU-RO-HU/


The Confectionery Ltd (and affiliated companies) is entirely Hungarian based and owned. The group provides employment for approximately 300 employees and growing.

Dynamic workforce growth in the current challenging economic context is a stand-out achievement in Hungary and indeed Europe.

Our production technology requires completely unique knowledge which cannot be developed anywhere else.

The training of employees is carried out by highly qualified specialists.
Continuous order-book development and growth has allowed for continuous modernization of production methods, mechanization and automation.

Our company produces over thirty different products, with many more in development. Each product has its unique characteristics with an emphasis on combining quality ingredients (such as high cocoa content chocolate) with novelty and fun for children – and adults too!

Our premises comprise all the infrastructural, technical, and human resources necessary for high–quality manufacture and fully meet both industry and consumer expectations.




We currently produce the following types of products:

-liquid and semi-solid (gel) sweets
– lollipops
– powder products
– tableted products
– pelleted products
– chews
– dip & stick type products
– chocolate products
– fondant and fat-based products

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The HACCP food safety system has been in practice since 2002, serving food safety and traceability obligations. IFS management system was introduced in 2007. The company has its own laboratory, which forms the basis of internal quality control. Primary and secondary packaging and display is designed and produced in-house by professionals and printed in our on-site printing studio.


Our confectionery products are sold all over the world and are especially popular in: the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria , Sweden , Norway, Spain , Canada , the USA, Japan , Korea, Australia , Russia, Ukraine , Azerbaijan, Lithuania , and Iraq.


We are looking for reliable manager & club for 2 players.

We are looking for reliable & fair manager, and club for 2 players, brothers. 20 & 24 years old  Transfer Free Players.

daniel juhasz


Daniel Juhasz 24 years old football player. Free agent, and transfer free.

He has extremely fast feet, very quickly playing with reliable and good skill.

 Daniel Juhasz U21 National player. He is  a very versatile left-footed player, with good vision and skill, he can play in defence or midfield.

Daniel  has played football from the age of 6  and he is comfortable and composed on the ball.

 He has been playing football the majority of his life. The left side is where he likes to play. Team player who likes quick moving football.

He is a creative and hard player and always tries to provide for the team and always wants to win. He is a born winner.

 Please see to the attachment  and watch the video

Daniel Juhasz Best Moments Video  https://vimeo.com/130544113

And this is just one little moment….but you can see what quality his left foot, and what can you pass to ball. Look at and enjoy to lovely ball !



Daniel Juhasz  / Linkedin : https://hu.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-juhasz/100/122/2a7






Daniel Juhasz: un terzino sinistro chiamato affare


Il mercato è entrato nel vivo e le squadre italiane sono al lavoro per rinforzare le rispettive rose. Particolare attenzione va ai calciatori attualmente svincolati, disponibili da subito a parametro zero: uno dei profili più interessanti che rientrano in questa categoria è quello di Daniel Juhasz, laterale difensivo sinistro classe 1992. Reduce dall’esperienza in patria con il Lombard Papa, Juhasz è pronto al salto di qualità e non a caso, date le sue qualità, fa gola a diversi club italiani e non.

CROSSATORE FORMIDABILE – Juhasz è finito nel mirino di squadre di Serie B, Lega Pro ed estere, pronte a darsi battaglia per assicurarsi le sue prestazioni. Le sue potenzialità sono visibili ad occhio nudo: mancino educato, bravo in entrambi le fasi e tecnica sopraffina. Inoltre, nonostante la giovane età vanta già grande esperienza: in patria ha esordito giovanissimo in prima squadra e per essere un classe 1992 ha grande personalità. Parola al mercato dunque per il futuro di Juhasz, per le sue qualità vedere per credere…





Robert Juhasz  / Linkedin :  https://hu.linkedin.com/in/robert-juhasz-488983104


 Robert Juhasz 20 years old football player. Free agent, and transfer free.

He is a very versatile player, with good vision and skill, he can play in defence or midfield.

Robert has played football from the age of 4 (!) and he is comfortable and composed on the ball. Usually he played between 2-3 years older players.

He have gained extensive practical experience as junior player in football academy 1.st. liga football club. He can play good with both legs and head, have speed and endurance, perfectionist. He has extremely fast feet, very quickly playing with reliable and good skill.

He has been playing football the majority of his life. Team player who likes quick moving football.

He is a creative and hard player and always tries to provide for the team and always wants to win. He is a born winner.

Robert is a team player with good communication and interpersonal skills, highly motivated, loyal and ambitious person who wants to develop in the professional football. He was captain for nine years of his four different teams. He speak english, and easy to learn other language. Great talented football player.

Looking for a personal manager who can arrange transfer in professional European football club. Interested in signing contract with licensed football agent or professional football club.

Robert is a young perfectionist player who started to play football at the age of 4 years, always playing with teammates two or three years older than him.

Gaining an extensive 11 years crop experience as a junior player at Hungarian Academies of 1st League Clubs, he enjoyed football playing the U10 Hungary Tournament at Goldball FC and exciting matches against Kuwait National U14 Team at FC Rojik U14 Team.

He developed versatile skills, playing fluently both legs, calling the attention of Laszlo Szalai, the former coach at Goldball FC, actually the Hungarian Football Academy Education Director and also Technical Director of UEFA.

Strongly recommended by Laszlo, Robert, jumped into 1st Hungarian League at Ujpest FC at the age of 16. During 3 years he played at BKV Budapest U19 and U21 Team and REAC Sport Academy 3rd League U21 Team.

He can play at defensive line or midfield, feeling very comfortable and composed with the ball. Reading very well the game with sharp and deep passes.

Good control and a skilled fast touch are main features of this young player who develops a Box-2-Box with great endurance and supporting other lines in short with fast movements.

Leading 4 teams as the captain from early ages, his creativity controlling the tempo and spreading fast game to strikers brought an invitation from abroad to tryout the 2nd League Netherland Team FC Emmen with his brother Daniel at the age of 17.

Due to his interpersonal skills, loyalty and high motivation, Robert is determined to improve his Professional Football career and keep developing his education about Sport Manager &Football Coach abroad, also encouraged to his ability to learning languages.

He is a great football player.

Any questions please contact us.

 Thank you for your kind attention, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon,

 Best Regards 

Csaba Juhasz


 Tel +36 1 400 1417   +36 1 402 4675

Mobile  +36 20 487 5422    Mobile  +36 30 449 7559 

E-mail:  imn@t-email.hu   imn@t-online.hu

Skype: intercontact1 




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Business relationships, projects, business proposals, investing, trade. Everything all together on these spot. Great things are achieved through continued persistence and dedication. All invites are welcome, growing fast, networking with networkers. Free information and advice please contact us with confidence.



First of all we would like to thank you for your kind attention. Please let us introduce our company and activity system.

Established in 1990, our company, Intercontact Marketing Network Ltd., is a  business organization, whose main aim is to help companies find appropriate business partners, manufacturers and explore investment opportunities in Hungary.

Intercontact collects the product requirements and offers of foreign and domestic companies and circulate them in Hungarian language through its information channels including Hungarian business and commercial magazines, an internet site and a network of foreign embassies and trade offices.

We are in connection with several companies, Embassies and Commercial representations of numerous countries. These relations are based on mutual exchange of business information. So in cooperation with these organizations we are trying to help the foreign and domestic companies to find the best partners for their needs..

Our business relations are extended on 80 countries of Europe, Amerika, Africa, Asia, Australia, and we obtain a large number of information, business requirements from them, and we send them information regularly of our Hungarian partners as well.

The sources of our business information are:
ˇ Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Economy
ˇ Embassies’ commercial sections
ˇ Representations
ˇ Foreign data bases
ˇ Foreign companies’ catalogues, economical publications, magazines
ˇ Firms, companies, enterprises.

To realize above mentioned services we have:
ˇ smoothly working network all over the country
ˇ hundred of agents
ˇ permanent information of business
ˇ computerized data base network
ˇ well developped national and foreigner partnership network.

Our company is concerned in:
ˇ representing foreign companies in Hungary with a full scale of administration
ˇ selling products, general trading
ˇ export-import consulting
ˇ manufacturing capacity binding
ˇ contacting producers and sellers
ˇ market-research, advertising, promoting work
ˇ obtaining, planning and manufacturing means
ˇ production, and managing all the things you need
ˇ exploring business opportunities for investors.

These acitivities focus mainly on the following sectors: metal industry, woodworking, plastic and building industry, food-processing, the electronic sector and related trading and services.

Considering that your offer has arousen the interest of several companies, we would appreciate if you could supply us with further details, such as:

ˇ the approximate price of goods
ˇ required amount of products (monthly, annually)
ˇ transportation terms, conditions and timing
ˇ terms and conditions of payement
ˇ technical drawings including measures

And it would really be handy if you could supply us with catalogues and brochures of the products you need.

We kindly ask you to give us these data with detailed description, and we would have the pleasure to receive you in our Budapest office, as long as you are planning to visit Hungary. You could then have personal negotiation with the possible producers that we select for your needs.

Should you have any more demands of offers, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will have the pleasure to help for you. In the future we will be ready to circulate your material in our information system and send it to our hungarian and foreigner partners.

We are waiting for exporter, importer, producer, industrial,  and commercial companies who want to open trading company in Europe, and  representation office in Budapest. Please inform us about how do you want to do it, where, and so on, and we will help you to find cooperators or whatever you need to achieve your goal.

We can guarantee partnership network for the presentation of patents and inventions, coupled with consultation. We undertake to manage and to introduce new products into the inland just as into the foreign markets.

Exploring investment opportunities for investors, founding joint ventures, trading consultation, ensuring paid-work and outworker background belongs to our services as well. We take arrangement of  Eastern and  Central Europe businesses, as well foreign representation of firms.

We hope our short brochure caught your attention and we can create a successful partnership with your company. We are waiting for your orders, business offers in any theme, volume, and frequency. If you have any concrete offer for partner seeking please send it by email or fax.

Should you have any requirement or products offered for sale, or if you wish to know more about our company and activities, please visit our website or contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.

Thank you for your kind attention, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.




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