Plaster, dolomite and limestone mine for sale. Raw material processing and building material manufacturing plant


Mines, manufactory

Manufactory  (11Ha and 6000m2) * 1Ha=10 000 m2

From the 228 Ha territory – included in the portfolio – 11,6 Ha belongs to the manufactory/operating area. On this 11,6 Ha operating area there is an office building, which was renovated and expanded in 2009. Another secondary office building, which was built in 2009, and next to it a partially heated 1200 m2 warehouse for the ready-made products, 2 electrical transformer houses, 2 fitting shops for the reparations, and the factory building.


The technology of the factory building is based on the former iron ore enrichment plant, which was rebuilt and mechnized inbetween 2007-2009. After the worldwide economic crisis – following the completion of the manufacturing plants – the company has left the country. From then on, hard times grew to the once succesfully operated manufactoring plants, and meaningful work has not taken place yet. The estimated value of the of the machines and the mechanical production lines are approx. 5 Million EUR.


The mines are divided to 3 separated opencast mines:

1. Dolomite mining site (29Ha and 0902m2)

The mine is currently operating. The renter performs the production with their own and their subcontractor’s machines. Due to the obsolescence , the high repairing and maintenance costs of the previously installed electrical curshing plants and classification system, these units are not operating unless such a large order arrives that the mobile chrusing and classification system can not supply on time.


The trading operation of the dolomit mine become stronger at the times when the competing mines reach their annual productivity rate or local building firms are looking for raw materials.

The owners do not have the proper commercial/business connections and they can not afford to allocate financial resources for this goal.

The mine is located approx. 4,5 km far from the manufacturing plant and it can be approached partly by public and partly by private roads.

2. Plaster stone mining site (161Ha and 9052m2)

Due to the lack of the mining processes and pumping for years, this area was filled up with water. The mine can be restarted at any time after the appropriate conditions have been established. According to the current state of the market, the demand for mined plaster is increasing every day, and the predictions say that REA plaster will disappear from the market in the next few years. This means that the demands from the market can be restored to the level of the years before the appearence of REA plaster.

As long as REA plaster is on the market, the value of the mine can not be determined.


The electricity network of the mining site was partially terminated and the conservation level of the area only reached the compulsory level.

Techniques for re-opening and other works to be done have been discussed in several forums and more solutions have been offered. For the re-opening, approx. half-year preparatory process would be needed.

The mine is located approx. 6 km far from the manufacturing plant and it can be approached partly by public and partly by private roads.

3. Limestone and dolomite mining sites (25Ha and 4000m2)

The mining site located a little bit further from the other two mining sites – approx. 9 km -, but it can be approached on public roads.

There has never been any exraction work from the limestone mine, the signes show only preliminary mining activities but they can be attributed to the sampling.


It can be opened at any time in weeks with the help of mobile machines. Constuction of public utility is not necessary because of today’s technologies.

Mineral resources


*Dolomit-Dolomite,        Mészkő-Limestone,        Gipsz-Plaster/gyps,        Tartalék készlet- Spare quantity


Exploitable quantity: 27.162.476 m3

Spare quantity: 5.845.000 m3

Extraction time with a 60% capacity: approx. 60 years


Exploitable quantity: 2.290.076 m3

Spare quantity: 1.700.000 m3

Extraction time with a 60% capacity: approx. 22 years


Exploitable quantity: 933.032 m3

Spare quantity: 223.000 m3

Extraction time with a 60% capacity: approx. 13 years

The boundaries and actual geological invertories of the limestone and the dolomite mines have not been fully surveyed yet. According to several experts the quantities mentioned above could be even bigger, but official area surveys have not been made.






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