Hungarian metallurgic company for sale! Excellent references, 5 activity profiles, stable revenue and loyal customers


Main activities of the company

–  Steel structure production

  • All kinds of lightweight and heavy steel structures, from fence and hall to heavy cover,
  • Manufacturing of units, hoists, chain tracks
  • Manufacture of stocks

–  Sandblasting and surface treatment

  • Cleaning of various steel structures by sandblasting, preparation for painting,
  • Corrosion prevention of the sand-blasted surfaces with aluminium spraying technology. With this technology just very few companies work in Hungary. The company used this technology on the cast iron monument fences next to Parliament, on the structures of two new railway bridges, on the monumental gutter holders of the Festetics Castle in Keszthely, on the new sliding gate of the NATO Airport in Pápa, on the undercarriage of tanks and old-timer cars (Ferrari, Bentley, Skoda), countless fences etc. 
  • Painting with solvent paint.

–  Alpinist:

  • Undertake special tasks for Alpinists in industrial environments.

–  Maintenance of conveyor belts and making them endless:

  • Make the conveyor belt (rubber or PVC) endless with sticking or baking solution up to 1000 mm width.
  • Repair, replacement, renewal of conveyor belt frames and units,
  • Rubber coating of the pulleys.

–  Daily maintenace in our partners:

  • Behoove daily mechanical maintenance in 2 of our permanent partners, what is paid by hours.


Surface treatment of Hungarian Parliament fences 


Execution of 40 m lightning rods

The employees of the company:

  • The current number of employees is 31, of which 27 are physically staffed.
  • Professional composition of the physical stock: welders, locksmiths, painters, alpininist (alpinists also have proffessions as locksmith, painters, welders), rubber workers, trained workers.
  • The average age of employees is 46 years.
  • According to the statutory regulations, there are 2 employees with an altered working capacity.
  • The intellectual staff consists of two main administrators, one technical manager, one managing director.
  • It is not typical to resign from the company. 80% of employees have been working for more than 5 years. But there are also workers who have been employed for the past 27 years, including their predecessors.
  • The Chief Technical Officer, the Deputy General Manager, has been working for them for 8 years. He has an experienced, advanced technical qualification. He knows their partners well, he is professionally prepared. Has Autocad knowledge. In our opinion, he is capable of leading the company on its own, as well as providing a solid background for a new manager, with adequate material and personal conditions.
  • The team leader has been in the company for 10 years now. He was appointed a replacement of a colleague 2 years ago, a 40-year-old locksmith in his profession. He leads excellent the employees work and the staff listen to him. Older people also accept his opinion. It greatly contributes to the work of the technical manager and the manager.
  • The administrator has been employed for 12 years. Precise, reliable workforce. The office tasks are reviewed, billed, mailed, referred to, request permissions and routing permits, is able to work independently.


Car washer frame construction

  Objectives of the company:

–  They own all the objects to carry out the listed activities above:

  • Their location is located in a prominent industrial plant in Transdanubia. Here, they rent a partially crane hall with its social rooms with offices and courtyards. The whole complex is encircled, stand-alone unit. They do not spend on the protection of the guard because the entire factory area is controlled by armed security guards.
  • There are 3 buildings within the same factory area. These steel structures are owned, but the land underneath is hired.
  • Sandblasting and metalcovering workshop. One screw compressor  is used to serve the two sandblasters. The air required for metal coating is provided by a brand new 4 piston compressor purchased 6 months ago.
  • The painting workshop is 396 m2. It is a steel structure that has completely new aluminum roof and insulation and partly new windows for 2 years. o   An unused building of the same size as the previous one, which is still waiting for renovation.
  • The metal coating is carried out jointly with one of our partners. As a result of this cooperation, their partners set up a new, modern 9 meters painting cabin at our premise. It is mounted on the premise and will be assembled by the manufacturer after foundation.
  • They also have a 1500 x 3000 CNC plasma and flame cutting machine, which was purchased in 2017. Also with an automatic rotary table (Ø1000) blasting machine, band saw, Co, metal welding and AVI welding machines, a small machine disk shelf, battery and electric hand tools.
  • Thay have rubber baking machines to make the conveyor belts endless, hand tools. At the end of 2017, a 1100 mm PVC strap baking machine was purchased. ·         In addition to the equipment required for alpinist work, there are 2 lifting bridges and a basket lift up to 19 m.
  • Their vehicle fleet is also significant
  • They have 3 trailer,
  • 2 (3,5t and 5t) trucks. The bigger one has also a 3t crane and a pallet lift,
  • 3 tilt van, 1 open platform van and 1 closed van,
  • 2 small minibuses for 9 people,
  • 2 closed carriages for 6 people,
  • 1 two-seated closed car,
  • 1 towable compessor (with platenumber),
  • 1 Opel Astra car


 Tank insulation with alpin technique

The record of the company, financial situation:

The company was founded in 2008. The owner has been working in the forebear company since 1997 as a technical manager.

In the past 10 years, he has just been faced with the difficulties of the crisis. All the same, they were always financially stable during their operation, only 2 years were unprofitable, with the rest of the year with more or less profits.

  • The revenue in 2017 was more than 260 m. HUF.
  • The 88% of the whole revenue comes from 3 major procurer.
  • 1% of the remaining 12% is a private procurer and the rest is shared betwwen our old business partners.
  • Detailed financial data can be viewed in public reports.
  • They don’t have public due, they are in the database of the public due free taxpayers.
  • They don’t spend on advertising, becaue fortunately they had all the time enough orders, that they didn’t need to advertise.
  • Their suppliers are paid on time, they don’t have any debts.
  • There is no assets.
  • They have acconut in OTP and Raiffeisen bank.
  • Thay have a credit account of 40 m HUF in OTP bank, that they use sometime more, sometimes less.
  • They own a 5 m HUF „Szechenyi” credit card in SPER bank.
  • The employees are paid all the time puntual and they provide them cafeteria above the wages.

In spite of improvements and expansion, there is still a place for a further steps, but the owners don’t want to grow more. Obviously, the buyer will receive not only the production tools and a company, but also the well-trained, cramped workforce, market, well-established relationships and the possibility to grow the company even bigger. The place and the opportunities are there, just need to be used. Of course they will give all the help to transfer their relationships.


Steel structure construction

The production works are in 4 halls. They rent a place for 27 years.The site is licensed.

1. The rented workshop (activity: steel structure production)420 m2 + the offices and the storage, dining room, social rooms, corridor etc. In total 847 m2. In addition there is a yard of 1.300 m2.

There are also 3 own halls. Here the steel structure biulding is owned by the company, but the land underneath it is rented.

2. The sandblasting and metalworking workshop has a total surface of ​​290 m2 and a road of 48 m2. Of which a metal workshop is 84 m2, the sandblasting 74 m2, the ceiling height 6m. In the remaining part of the building, there is resting room, compressor room, power strip room, corridor, etc. It is. Inside the sandblasting workshop there are two sandblasting cabins (25 and 12 m2).

Near this building, starting from 1st of December last year, it is rented a 400 mfield. A new painting hall will be built and the rest of the filed will be set up to assist the activity. The concreting is completed, the manufacturer assembles the hall.

3-4. Painting workshop and the the hall which needs renovation. The ground floor of the halls, one by one is 396 m. With the adherent road and land the total surface is 1000 m2. The painting workshop recieved a new roof covering and insulation. From the outside it is protected with trapezoidal aluminium sheets and a 10 cm insulation and from the inside it has oriented strand board. The other building it is out of use, requires renovation.


Disassembling 100 ton press machine

Proportion of employees:

Physical workers: 27

Skilled workers: 22

Trained workers: 5 (from theese 4 has skills, but not in the metal industry, carpenter, scaffolder, cook, mason)

Actual total employees: 31

Physical workers: 27

  • 23 active
  • 2 pensioner
  • 2 limited working capacity

Intellectual staff: 4

  • 1 manager
  • 1 technical leader
  • 2 administrators


Conveyor belt manufacturing


CNC flame and plasma cutting

The tools of production value, not the tangible asset register, but on real value is min. 270,000 Euro

On the internet it can be checked, for how much are for sale the same or similar machines as the company has. While pricing-without the new facilities-everywhere the lower prices were taken in consideration. Based on this, was made a device list.

In fact, the list is not complete. It includes just the valuable asstes. Above these, there are many tools which are in use and are indispensables for the production, for ex. : workshop tables, assembly table, jack stands, tools which are made by us, workbenches, inventory of tools, screws, rivets, spare parts, heaters and many other equipement.

The real big value after all of theese, is the expertise of the workers, local knowledge at our partners, as well as the actual company connections. Of course theese also will be handed over, but their value is significant, inestimable.


Ferrari Dino car-body surface treatment


Audi Q7 bumper heat treatment stocks

 In addition to excellent quality, the main values are:

Reliability, trustworthiness (what is promised by phone it is delivered)

Reason of selling: retirement, new future projects

Selling target price: 540,000 Euro


Heat treatment stocks

Additional detailed information (sales data sheet, tools, inventory, company information, references, etc…) is available in the office of Intercontact.



Business Development – Innovations & Future Technology




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