Mineral Water Well Projects available on freehold properties, fully licensed (200 million litres + 150 million litres annually), in Central Europe. Interested in Sales or JV partnership


Save water for coming generation.

Because no anyone can survive without water… Water is LIFE !!!  


We are looking for buyer and distributor in SAUDI, UAE, KUWAIT, QATAR, OMAN markets



We are have manufacturer of high quality mineral water and soft drink. And in order to develop overseas market, now we are looking for some buyer and distributor partner overseas, if interested please contact us by imnltd@gmail.com

200 million liters of water per year can be transported and very low prices to customers !

We searching for business partners in order to be able to exploit this water base and as well as to start the distribution of the spring water.


We are send to the perusal of premium category spring water in order to offer.

The water quality extra high and, is attached to the Hungarian and Austria / Graz laboratory results

PREMIUM CATEGORY   High Quality Spring Water

Ph 8,3  The Alkaline water  !!!!!

Total  ASV. substance 219 mg/l

The water of the well is extremely pure, plantedsprig water, Upper Pannonia-age ( 6-8 million years old ), fully closed and all contamination-free,  water comes from internationally protected aquifer layers.


If you or your business contacts may be interested, pls kindly contact the company on the following coordinates:

More information can be found at Intercontact Ltd
https://www.linkedin.com/company/h-mor-aut-h-z-kft-   https://www.xing.com/xbp/pages/intercontact-marketing-network-ltd            Twitter  https://plus.google.com/111874594519954959783        
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